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Whether twisting the body on a drive, squatting down to measure a putt or leaning over to pick up a ball, golfers are constantly torquing their bodies. Golf  requires repeating the same essential movements. As a result some muscles become overused and others weaken, causing an imbalance. For a golfer, muscle imbalances can affect the legs, hips, arms, shoulders, and the lower back. It can also affect your game, particularly for those over the age of 50. Your drives may be shorter and less accurate, your stamina may decrease, and the potential for debilitating strains, pulls and tears becomes much higher. Many golfers - from weekend warriors to the game’s elite like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam - are now turning to Pilates as an essential training tool that keeps the body in balance and actually improves performance. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by experiencing this mind body connection. You will strengthen yourself from the inside out.


A workshop will consist of 4 days of specialized training in a month's time by appointment. If you have a group of 2-4 that can coordinate their schedules, then we will work with you to put 4 sessions together.  Below is an example of a past scheduled workshop for 4 Sunday mornings.



PGA certified golf instructor

Stonewolf Director of Instruction


The perfect fit of pilates and golf instruction to improve your golf game! with Pilates Instructor and Absolute Flow owner Lisa Udasco and Don Hawkins, PGA. Stonewolf Director of Instruction. Don has 42 years of experience with golf instruction and trains golfers of all levels



  • 8:30am    Breakfast w/ Pro (student directed discussion about equipment,rules, etc)

  • 9:00am    Golf Lesson

    • Fundamentals of full swing and short game.

    • Last Session will be on course

  • 10:00am    Transfer

  • 10:30am    Pilates @ Absolute Flow Studio

  • 11:30am    Wrap up with Lisa and light lunch


Cost of Workshop is $300

Space is limited up to 4 people maximum per session.

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