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Lisa Udasco 

owner/certified instructor

Lisa Udasco is the owner-operator  of Absolute Flow Pilates.  Upon her return to the midwest from Los Angeles, CA  she envisioned opening a studio that would offer people a unique space to escape to and feel that they  participated in a discipline that could be life changing.  She has two comprehensive Pilates Certifications completed; The first is from The Physicalmind Institiute done in Beverly Hills, CA with celebrity trainer and highly respected PMA Master teacher, Maria Leone, and the second is through Balance Body which was completesd in Chicago and Beverly Hills. In 2017 she completed a 6 month mentorship under the sought out PMA Master teacher Benjamin Degenhardt and his program, 360 Pilates that was taught out of Denver, Colorado. Benjamin has made it his journey to study and share the true history and works of Joseph Pilates.

Lisa was introduced to Pilates  while studying Dance and completeing her BFA at Columbia College in Chicago. Dancers were advised to participate in pilates classes regularly as part of the curriclum to keep strong, healthy, and injury free. She discovered  that it made her a better dancer and she became more connected to her body than  she had ever been. Soon after graduation she moved to Los Angeles to continue the pursuit of the arts. She kept dancing as more of a love than a career.  As time progressed, she became involved in many facets of the fitness industry. You name the workout craze, she's probably done it. Lisa keeps a very open mind when it comes to the transformation of the body and soul since she has seen it in her own life and the lives of the  many that surrounded her in such a busy city. She always found her way back to Pilates no matter what her regimen.

Because of her true passion and commitment to Pilates, it didn't take long for Lisa  to open her own boutique studio nestled in the heart of Hollywood. Small and quant, she taught  private and duet lessons to a clientele that were both familiar with, and brand new to Pilates. She had an overwhelming desire to bring Pilates to an area that didn't have the opportunity to participate in such an amazing regimen.  She new at some point, especially after starting a family, she may end up close to where she grew up which was St. louis, MO. After 16 years in LA she returned home. Since opening Absolute Flow in January of 2014, she has taught a wide range of students, from kids and young teen athletes, pre ans post natal women to professional golfers, as well as clients with hip and knee replacements, arthritus and osteoperosis, as well as other inhibiting diseases.


Her vision is to help people of all levels know that they can reach their goals.  She is thrilled and grateful to have a studio here in this community.  Her support team shares in her vision and makes each client a true priority.  She is enjoying meeting many new people who have embraced Pilates and share the love for this discipline.



“Strength & Flexibility for Life”

Kelly J Fitzgerald LPC, C-HTP


-10+ years Pilates and Yoga Experience

-650+ hrs Pilates Training through the Core Center Pilates Instructor Education System

-40 hr Pilates Mentorship with Mary Bowen
-Pilates Method Alliance Member
-Former Ballet dancer and Competitive Swimmer

-Licensed Professional Counselor

-Healing Touch Practitioner
-Retired Intelligence Officer, Systems Engineering

Kelly Fitzgerald certified instructor

Talani Moe


Talani began his Pilates discipline in Los Angles in 2011 under the instruction of Lisa Udasco. He wanted a routine that would help him excel in his own discipline of Muay Thai, Thai style kick boxing. He had no idea that Pilates would be as challenging as it was. He became stronger in his core and more flexible, which easily led him to continue Pilates and want to learn more about it. Talani is a natural teacher.  While in LA, he trained other young ambitious,  MMA pursuers while keeping up his own training, which became better after becoming more aware of the body and its limitations and abilities due to Pilates. Presently, he is the apprentice teacher at the studio, completing Pilates modules under the Balance Body Certification. In addition to teaching Pilates, he also teaches kick boxing to all ages and levels, ranging from 5yrs old to those 70+ years of age. He has trained many local high school athletes here in O'fallon, both Pilates and kick boxing. Talani enjoys motivating and helping people progress and reach their own personal goals.

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